Virtual Board Portals

Board portals are hubs for meeting management that are secure. They let board members spend more time focused on governance, and less working on the details. A well-designed board portal removes the expense of printing and distribution of material for the board.

Ideally, board documents should be sent out at least two to three days prior to the meeting, so that directors can read them. This gives the board time to talk about and clarify the contents of each paper prior to the meeting. It’s also the ideal time to ensure that all directors are aware of any changes made to the original report or additional information that could have been added to an update.

Boards can benefit from a broad set of tools that help them to efficiently plan and conduct meetings, as well as share documents, collaborate with peers and committees and generate minutes following each meeting. Furthermore, they should be in a position to provide their stakeholders with one source of truth for the most current accurate, complete and accurate materials for boards.

To ensure the best results from your portal, choose an organization that will work directly with your IT department and to consider the security requirements specific to your company. Make sure that the software you select is ISO 27001-compliant is secure in transit and rest and has granular control of authentication and access. It should also provide 24×7 support by a dedicated group of specialists. Make sure that the provider of your board portal is regularly subject to testing for penetration and external audits.

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