Legal World Rap Article

Legal World Rap

Yo, listen up it’s time for a rap
About the legal world, where things go snap
From law internships in London to personal conduct
Let’s explore these topics, ain’t no need for a run
Led bulbs, they shine so bright
But on the road, they ain’t road legal, that’s right
Legal restrictions keep them off the street
So don’t be fooled by their energy-efficient feat
Free trade in Africa, a topic to explore
Let’s dive into the legal implications, open the door
Personal rules of conduct, it’s where we begin
Understanding legal responsibilities, knowing what’s within
Canadian labor laws, they govern the work
Your guide to employment regulations, don’t be a jerk
Vendor agreements, they’re a vital part
Legal guide to help you start
Old contracts, they hold the past
Legal implications, rights that last
Civil legal aid, for crime’s victims to find
Legal assistance support to heal the mind
Tenancy agreements, how to renew
Legal tips and guidance, for me and for you
Costco, a giant, faces troubles in court
Legal challenges, a rollercoaster of a sort
So there you have it, the legal world rap
Exploring these topics, ain’t no need for a nap
From internships to agreements, and everything in between
The legal world is wild, take a look, see what I mean

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